Who does not use Blast Cleaning Machines?
When is the time to bring in a consultant?

Contact us when you are faced with investing in a new Blast Machine, we will assess your product and according to production rate we will write a specification for the machine which will meet your expectations. We will make certain you will purchase the Blast Machine you need not the machine you are told by salesmen you should buy.

You should contact us when the proposals you receive are more expensive then you expected or you are told your building does not have enough headroom.
Call us when you are faced with new product but not sure what is the best way of shot blasting it, you may not require a new machine.
We can help if the bearings on your existing machine fail too frequently, when the spare parts are eating up your profits, when you have to increase production.
We will listen, inspect when necessary and submit a solution for today and the future.

Blast Machines Consulting
Blast Machines Consulting
Blast Machines Consulting
Blast Machines Consulting

Note: in various industries Blast Cleaning Machines are called Shot Blasting Machines or Airless Shot Blasting Machines.

Our mission

It was late 1989 when I was designing Blast Cleaning Machines for five years. Every year the company was getting more orders and I thought this good run will end soon, most likely we have supplied all the machines the industries required. I was wrong. Sales increased each year until 2000, except during the recession of 1993.
Now looking back at the last 25 years we can see how much the industry has changed. New standards and regulations forced the manufacturers to improve the products and to be more efficient. Until the 1980 Blast Cleaning Machines were only used by leaders and giants of the industry, today every manufacturing company has one or more of them.
There are endless applications, from chain links to railroad cars. Blast Cleaning Machines vary in design from a single blast wheel to equipment with 8, 16, 20 or even 40 of them, all depending on product and application. Difficult applications and very intricate parts require a group of people to make the final decision on the design and functionality of the shot blasting equipment.
Here comes our service, we are here to advice independently and provide the best solutions.

Manganese Steel

Hadfield Steel - 11% to 14% Mn High Manganese Steel We can source it for you.


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